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Company Profile and Mission
Amerex Instruments, Inc. was founded in 1989 and started out as an exclusive distributor of Hirayama autoclaves. In 1991, it introduced its own line of GYROMAX™ shakers. Although incubator shakers had been available in the marketplace for decades, Amerex was the first shaker company to design and introduce an economical under-the-counter incubator shaker that incorporated a shelf for the simultaneous incubation of Petri dishes along with the shaking of liquids in flasks. It was also the first to introduce shakers that could stack on top of one another.

Amerex products now include a full line of shakers and top-loading autoclaves as well as incubators, hybridization chambers, and convection ovens. The GYROMAX™ shaker line includes platform, water-bath, and incubator shakers of various sizes and design configurations.

The primary mission of Amerex is to design, manufacture, and supply quality and reliable research equipment to the university, government, biotechnology, and biomedical markets, and to provide prompt technical support service for the equipment it sells. This approach has demonstrated success and rewarded the company with many loyal repeat customers.

Bioxpress Scientific is proud to represent Amerex Instruments in Australia. For further information please contact us on (03) 9590 0091.